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London Conference in Critical Thought 2014


CALL FOR PAPERS: London Conference in Critical Thought 2014, 27th–28th June, Goldsmiths, University of London
CFP dead­line: 10 March 2014

The third an­nual London Conference in Critical Thought (LCCT) will offer a space for an in­ter­dis­cip­linary ex­change of ideas for scholars who work with crit­ical tra­di­tions and con­cerns. It aims to provide op­por­tun­ities for those who fre­quently find them­selves at the mar­gins of their de­part­ment or dis­cip­line to en­gage with other scholars who share the­or­et­ical ap­proaches and interests.
Central to the vision of the con­fer­ence is an inter-​institutional, non-​hierarchal, and ac­cess­ible event that makes a par­tic­ular ef­fort to em­brace emer­gent thought and the par­ti­cip­a­tion of emer­ging aca­demics, fos­tering new av­enues for critically-​oriented schol­ar­ship and collaboration.
The con­fer­ence is di­vided into them­atic streams, each co­ordin­ated by dif­ferent re­searchers and with sep­arate calls for pa­pers, in­cluded in this doc­u­ment. We wel­come paper pro­posals that re­spond to the par­tic­ular streams below. In ad­di­tion, pa­pers may be pro­posed as part of a gen­eral stream, i.e. with no spe­cific stream in mind. Spanning a range of broad themes, these streams provide the im­petus for new points of dia­logue. Read the full call for pa­pers here.
Aesthetic Refusals: Oppositional Citizenship and Public Culture
Conceptions and Practices of Critical Pedagogy
Critical Approaches to Care Relationships
(Dis)orders of Migration
Dissenting Methods: Engaging Legacies of the Past, Defining Critical Futures
‘everyday polit­ical’
How Does One Think Difference?
Legal Critique: Positions, Negotiations and Strategies
Moving Through the Intersection? Interrogating Categories and Postintersectional Politics
Philosophy and Critical Thought Inside and Outside The University
Pragmatism and Critical Traditions
Sounding the Counterfactual: Hyperstition and Audial Futurities
Strategies of Silence
Street Level: Towards a Critical Discourse on Urban Aesthetics
Subjects in Space(s): Navigating Multiplicity
The Critical Brain
The Human After Anthropocentrism? Life. Matter. Being.
Time Discipline
What is the Question of Critique?

Please send paper/​presentation pro­posals with the rel­evant stream in­dic­ated in the sub­ject line to paper-​subs@​londoncritical.​org. Submissions should be no more than 250 words and should be re­ceived by the 10thMarch 2014.
Participation is free (though re­gis­tra­tion will be required)


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