Monday, July 23, 2012

Infinity and Immortality - Adrian Moore


Sunday Lecture - Infinity and Immortality
Conway Hall, Red Lion SquareLondonWC1R 4RL
29 July 2012
11.00, £3 on the door / free to members of the South Place Ethical Society

Adrian Moore shall consider questions that arise in connection with the desirability or otherwise of immortality. In particular, he will address Bernard William's argument that a never-ending life would eventually become tedious to the point of unendurabilityMoore will suggest that there are two questions that need to be distinguished, even though they can easily appear to be equivalent. First, would immortality be preferable to mortality? And second, is death a bad thing? Distinguishing these questions helps us to understand better the force of Williams’ argument.

“I’ll be exploring fundamental questions about human mortality, beginning with the question of whether it would be preferable never to die” --- Adrian Moore, New Statesman, p.38.


‘I believe in the afterlife.
It starts tomorrow,
When I go to work’
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