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Heathwood Institute, Heathwood Press, Heathwood Network & the Global Voice Project


Hello everyone,

We have just launched our new website and are sending out several batches of newsletters to update our readers, friends, and colleagues about what has been going on over the last three months and what to expect from the organisation moving forward.

Launch of New Beta Site

- Our ambition as a group has always been to break down the barriers separating critical theoretical discourse and ‘the everyday practise of social and individual life’. In attempting to achieve this we have engaged with readers and have been working with several leading theories of alternative media and web application, to develop new ways in which a range of media projects can assist the organisation to bridge the theory-practise divide.

- One of the new features on our website includes the organisation’s Global Voice project, which acts as centralised hub or platform for the publication of non-profit research and reports.

The non-profit sector of society is notorious for its ability to encourage ethical and critical practise across many different social spheres. Drawing close links to some of the leading non-profit organisations, locally and globally, Heathwood can directly assist and support the ongoing research and practise of NPO’s in a number of fundamental ways: 1) to pull-in non-profit media, report, commentary and critique from around the world and disseminate that information in one centralised place; 2) to normatively engage with independent non-profits so as to support their efforts on a grassroots level with a highly engaged critical theory; 3) to listen to NPO’s across the globe and the struggles and conflicts they report in order to further our own understanding about social agency and structure;  and 4) to integrate non-profit research and data, which is heavily rooted in praxis, with Heathwood’s post-Frankfurt school critical theory.

- Another exciting feature that we’ve been working on for some time consists around the democratisation of media and how to make Heathwood’s site more representative of a truly social, participatory media centre.

To achieve this we have launched a new on-site comments system that allows for real-time discussion between members of the public as well as between readers/public and members of Heathwood. The aim of this new feature is to encourage over time the development of a fertile digital ground for discussion and the sharing of ideas.

Heathwood Network

We have also recently launched a new public forum called the Heathwood Network, which will further support and encourage direct discussion and engagement on a range of subjects. The forum can be accessed via the menu on our new site.

- We’ve also been developing a series of critical theory eGuides, ranging in subject from alternative education and epistemology to alternative economics and ideology critique. No launch date has been set for this programme.

-Lastly, we have been working on publishing a range of infographics, interactive media, videos and datablogs to further support our present research activity and public engagement campaigns.

New Members

We’ve welcomed a new member in past few months, Robert King, whose work in systems will be a great addition to the organisation.

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with some great people from around Europe and North America, including Glenn Rikowski, Chris Cutrone, Richard Wolff, Peter Thompson, Daniel Little, Geert Dhondt, Jeanne Willette, and others.

Moving Forward

There’s a lot planned for the upcoming year, including several new book publications and further expansion to our digital media projects.

If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss more about Heathwood and where it is headed, please feel free to contact Robert C. Smith at   

Alternatively, follow the organisation on twitter for daily publication updates.

Thanks for your support.


-The members of Heathwood

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to friends, colleagues or whomever you may think appropriate.

Robert C. Smith
Director and Researcher at Heathwood Institute and Press
Phone: +44 (0) 07919252541
Holt, Norfolk, United Kingdom


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Networked Labour


Networked Labour: Rethinking labour in an age of networks and movements


The upcoming international seminar, titled Networked Labour is initially supported by Networked Politics, Transform! Europe, Transnational Institute and IGOPNET (Institut de Govern the Polítiques
Públiques) and it will be held in Amsterdam between 7-9 May 2013.

Networked Politics have been an open project promoted by Transform! Italia, Transnational Institute – New Politics and IGOP, and developed in co-operation with Euromovements.  To provide a space for
exchange between activists, researchers and activist-researchers there were several seminars and debates held between 2006 and 2009.  Most of the encounters organised in parallel to the important movement-network gatherings like European and World Social Forums and preparatory meetings that were linked to the Forum processes. Several printed and on-line books, an on-line library, and an on-line  ’New Politics Dictionary’ were among the concrete outcomes of the Network Politics debate; along side the founding of initiatives like the annually held Free Culture Forums.

Our current work will be focusing on the changing worlds of labour and production, and emerging new movements, political actors and their politics. We will mainly be discussing these topics in relation to the accelerating developments in the ICTs. Our hope is to create new synergies by bringing together many contributors and observers of the recent changes, movements, protests, and mobilisations. We hope this will enable us to increase our collective understanding of the new possibilities emerging in front of us for a radical social change.

If you are interested in joining or following this open discussion and exchange simply register to the networked labour weblog. We are looking forward to explore the change together!

Örsan Şenalp, Marco Berlinguer, Mayo Fuster Morell, Hilary Wainwright


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

London Radical Bookfair 2013


On Saturday May 11th 2013, the Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) will be hosting a new radical bookfair, to take place in London’s Conway Hall. The idea behind the fair is to create an event which showcases the depth and breadth of radical publishing and bookselling in the UK.

The ARB is composed of booksellers with a range of subject interests, including socialism, anarchism, peace/pacifism, sex & gender, environment, anti-racism and progressive children’s writing: we intend for the London Radical Bookfair to represent the full spectrum of radical publishing.

The event will culminate with the announcement of the winner of the ARB’s book prize for the best political non-fiction, The Bread and Roses Award for Radical Publishing. This year for the first time the Bread and Roses award will be complimented by a new prize, The Little Rebels Award, to be given for the best piece of fiction for readers aged 0-12 years.

As well as the bookfair in the main hall, we will be hosting talks in the Brockway Room throughout the day, with short-listed authors from the two book prizes presenting and discussing their work.
Entrance to the fair will be free for all. Food and drink will be available.

There will be lots of information about the fair and book awards to follow. An announcement for how to get involved in the fair, either as a stall holder or as a volunteer, will be made soon.

Guest Speakers include: Mark Fisher, Sarah Garland, Donny Gluckstein, Danny Dorling, Eveline Lubbers, and Emanuele Campiglio – and many others

In the meantime if you would like to speak to someone about this event, please contact nik[at]

London Radical Bookfair 2013
Saturday 11th May 2013
10am – 5pm
Free entry
Conway Hall
Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL

Alliance of Radical Booksellers:


Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales); and at (new remix, and new video, 2012)  
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Radical Thinkers Series SET 7 - Plus Events at the ICA




Alain Badiou / Jean Baudrillard / Simon Critchley / Ludwig Feuerbach / Maurice Godelier / André Gorz / Max Horkheimer / Fredric Jameson / Karl Korsch / Wilhelm Reich / Valentin Voloshinov / Slavoj Zizek

Published March 2013
A series of events at the ICA. See below.
“A compendium of left-wing philosophical and political thought, inoculating it against the ‘great idea’ of philosophy-as-self-help. As a way of transforming... formless disgust into educated critique, these books are a fine, cheap and decidedly elegant starting point.” Owen Hatherley,

“An extremely pleasant surprise: a new imprint from Verso called RADICAL THINKERS, and a pile of white-covered paperbacks by the likes of Theodor Adorno, Fredric Jameson, Guy Debord and Walter Benjamin. Not only do they have nifty cover designs, they are, for Verso, ridiculously cheap.” Nick Lezard, GUARDIAN
Since 1970 Verso has published the work of radical thinkers from Jacques Lacan and Jean-Paul Sartre to Fredric Jameson, Walter Benjamin, Louis Althusser, Judith Butler, and many more. The RADICAL THINKERS series of beautifully designed and affordable editions of classic works of theory now exceeds 80 published titles.

The new SET 7 features essential texts in philosophy and cultural theory, from selected writings of Ludwig Feuerbach to Simon Critchley’s seminal text INFINITELY DEMANDING.

For information on each book or to buy a copy visit the link after each title below. All of the titles are available together as a single shrink-wrapped set at a reduced price. For more information visit:


ISBN: 9781781680186 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 224 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680209 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 112 Pages


ISBN: 9781781680179 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 176 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680216 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 320 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680254 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 368 Pages


ISBN: 9781781680261 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 160 Pages


ISBN: 9781781680230 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 180 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680223 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 250 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680278 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 176 Pages

SEX-POL: ESSAYS, 1929-1934 by Wilhelm Reich

ISBN: 9781781680247 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 416 Pages

FREUDIANISM by Valentin Voloshinov

ISBN: 9781781680285 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 176 Pages 


ISBN: 9781781680193 / Paperback / $17.95 / £9.99 / $19CAN / 160 Pages 


To launch this new set, Verso is proud to present AN INTRODUCTION TO RADICAL THINKERS: a fortnightly series of events held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. They are designed to take theory outside of the academy to create a public forum for the discussion of sophisticated ideas.

Led by engaging speakers to steer the potential of such debate far away from the safe confines of ‘philosophy- as-self-help’ to more provocative and radical horizons, the events aim to interrogate our existing understandings of all areas of life, including: sexuality, economics, faith, politics and the individual.

For the full details of these events, including booking information, visit the link next to the title of each event below.

9 April: Nina Power presents THE FIERY BROOK by Ludwig Feuerbach

23 April: Federico Campagna presents INFINITELY DEMANDING by Simon Critchley

7 May: Esther Leslie presents CRITIQUE OF INSTRUMENTAL REASON by Max Horkheimer 

21 May: Peter Hallward presents ETHICS by Alain Badiou

4 June: Stella Sandford presents SEXPOL by Wilhelm Reich

For details on all events, visit:

For more information on the RADICAL THINKERS series or to buy the books visit: 


Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales); and at (new remix, and new video, 2012)  
'Cheerful Sin' – a song by Victor Rikowski:

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fourth Global Conference for Academic Researchers on Economics, Business and Management


Call For Papers
29-30 June 2013
4th Global Conference for Academic Research on
Economics, Business and Management
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Paper Submission DEADLINE is fast approaching:  15th June 2013

The GCAR-EBM is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Economics, Business and Management. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.

The conference gcar-emb  is supported by many universities and organizations and it has already formed a large, multi-national and friendly community of colleagues who would love to share ideas. gcar-emb  invites you to submit proposals for papers, panels, best practices, roundtables, tutorials, posters/demonstrations and workshops.

All the accepted papers will be published in one of the following JOURNALS:
-Journal of Management
-Journal of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 
-International Journal of Finance and Accounting
-American Journal of Economics

Also, the conference proceeding will be submitted to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing.

Publishing your papers will give your name, your research and your university unparalleled presence on the internet for the global scientific community to view your paper!

Papers are invited on any aspect of Economics, Business, and management to be presented at gcar-emb . The event provides authors with an outstanding opportunity for Economics, Business and Management and presenting their work at a top quality published international conference.

Papers in the following disciplines will be accepted and the scope of the conference in general will cover but not limited to:
Advertising Management
Business & Economics
Business Ethics
Business Intelligence
Business Information Systems
Business Law
Business Performance Management
Business Statistics
Change Management
Communications Management
Comparative Economic Systems
Consumer Behavior
Corporate Finance and Governance
Corporate Governance
Cost Management
Decision Sciences
Development Planning and Policy
Economic Development
Economic Methodology
Economic Policy
E- Marketing
Economic Systems
Finance & Investment
Financial Economics
Global Business
Global Marketing
Growth: Aggregate Productivity
Household Behavior and Family Economics
Human Resources
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Information Systems
Information Technology Management
International Business
International Economics
International Finance
Labor Economics
Labor Relations & Human Resource Management
Law and Economics
Management Information Systems
Management Science
Market Structure and Pricing
Marketing Research and Strategy
Marketing Theory and Applications
Operations Research
Organizational Behavior & Theory
Organizational Communication
Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
Product Management
Production and Organizations
Production/Operations Management
Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship
Public Choice
Public Economics and Finance
Public Relations
Public Responsibility and Ethics
Regulatory Economics
Resource Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Management Policy
Stress Management
Supply Change Management
Systems Management
Systems Thinking
Taxes (and related areas of taxation)
Technological Change: Research and Development
Technology & Innovation
Time Management
Total Quality Management
Welfare Economics

You are invited to submit:
- Full paper of up to 6 pages (Letter) for oral presentation, see template on website
Submissions must be unpublished work containing new and interesting results that demonstrate current research in all areas of economics, business and management.

The conference is jointly organised by Global Touch Resources/Asia
Paper Submission: You can submit your papers using the online submission form

Kindly promote gcar-ebm to all your contacts in your university, country and worldwide. Kuala Lumpur is great place to explore. gcar-ebm  is promising to be a top quality international conference and we don't want anyone to miss a golden opportunity to mix and network with world specialists and forge new friendships and cooperation with colleagues from worldwide.

Best regards and hope to see you at gcar-ebm  in June 2013
On behalf of GCAR chairs


Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales); and at (new remix, and new video, 2012)  
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Social Change and Education in Greece by Spyros Themelis - Book Launch Event



Social Change and Education in Greece: A Study in Class Struggle Dynamics
Dr Spyros Themelis, Senior Lecturer in Education, Middlesex University

MONDAY, 22 April, 2013
5:00pm to 7:30pm
Middlesex University, Hendon Campus, College Building, C219/C220, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

Event highlights:
Opening/closing chaired by Waqar Ahmad, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, MiddlesexUniversity
Guest Speakers
Confirmed Speakers:
Tony Green, Palgrave Macmillan Marxism and Education Series Editor, University of London, Institute of Education
Professor Joyce Canaan, Professor of Sociology, Birmingham City University 
Dr Eva Gamarnikow, Department of Policy Studies, University of London, Institute of Education
Dr Stathis Kouvelakis, Reader in Political Theory, King's College London

Who should attend: Research active staff, readers and professors from all Schools and Institutes at Middlesex University and other universities, educationalists, research students, media and policy makers.
This event is free to attend, but participants must confirm their attendance by email by 15th April. RSVP by 15th April to Daniela Pantica on 

About the Book
Social Change and Education in Greece: A Study in Class Struggle Dynamics (2013, Palgrave
Macmillan, New York). A New Book by Spyros Themelis, Middlesex University

The post-war orthodoxy postulated that education is both a mechanism for upward social mobility and an engine for economic growth. This book takes a challenging and refreshingly novel approach to the way education and social mobility are researched and theorised. The key message it delivers goes against the dominant post-war orthodoxy, which has postulated that education is both a mechanism for upward social mobility and an engine for economic growth in liberal capitalist countries. The conclusion the author reaches flies in the face of mainstream political consensus that perceives social mobility as panacea for the provision of occupational opportunities and an instrument for the levelling of the playing field. Much of what lays beneath social mobility, Spyros Themelis argues (apart from a great deal of sophisticated number-crunching) is a celebration and acceptance of an unequal system of allocation of opportunities.

This is one among very few studies that explore social mobility and attendant processes with the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. The author views social mobility not merely as the outcome of the movements of individuals from one income or occupational group into another, detached from their societal, community and family context, as in conventional mobility studies. Instead, he examines social mobility as a complex process, where socio-economic (e.g. migration), cultural (e.g. marital practices and community values) and political (e.g. political patronage) forces, experiences, arrangements and strategies interact and interconnect in impeding or enhancing individuals' and families' social mobility movements.

The book makes some contribution to the ongoing debate about the economic crisis that has hit Greece since 2009. It suggests that the failure of education to promote equality of opportunities is symptomatic of the failure of the wider system to prioritise fair and equitable arrangements. If Greece's current situation is to teach us a lesson, this is to urgently rethink about the whole system, not only in Greece but in the rest of the Western world too. The myth of education-based meritocracy and unfettered social mobility has anaesthetised Western societies to the multitude of social inequalities with which they are permeated. These might be hard times, but all the more appropriate to urge us to think about positive social change.

Dr Spyros Themelis is a Senior Lecturer in Education, Department of Education, Middlesex University, UK.

The book can be ordered from this link: 

It is published in the Palgrave Macmillan Marxism and Education Series: and


Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales); and at (new remix, and new video, 2012)  
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