Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) South Group Launch Event


CSE South Group Launch Event
Friday 25th October 13.30 - 16.30
Middlesex University London
To attend please email me Phoebe Moore

The Conference of Socialist Economists (CSE) is an international, democratic membership organisation committed to developing a materialist critique of capitalism, unconstrained by conventional academic divisions between subjects. CSE has organised and supported conferences and seminars and publishes the Sage journal Capital & Class three times a year. 
The CSE South Group is a new network of researchers and activists mirroring the CSE Transpennine Group which runs across the north of Britain initiated by Capital and Class Editorial Board members Stuart Shields and Greig Charnock. We will be organising workshops where people present work and hold discussions on topics that concern the CSE and our journal.
The CSE South Group will hold a launch event on Friday the 25th October at Middlesex University. Our speakers will be Professor Martin Upchurch, who will present ‘Towards the New Workplace Dystopia’; Dr Owen Worth, Managing Editor for Capital & Class, who will speak about ‘The Crisis of Capital’ and Dr Phoebe Moore, Editorial Board member for Capital & Class and convenor for the CSE South Group who will speak about ‘Cognitive Capitalism and the Quantified Worker’.
We will also hold a Roundtable called ‘Contemporary Conditions of Capital’ where we will discuss and debate issues in contemporary conditions of capital including mental health and work, global production networks, commodification of education, safety at work, migration and much more. Speakers on the roundtable will include Peter Hough, author of 'Valuing Culture by Ignoring it: Relativism and Human Rights' and 'Who's Securing Whom? The need for International Relations to Embrace Human Security'; Elizabeth Cotton who has written Global Unions Global Business (with Richard Croucher) and initiator of: ; and Clive Boddy, author of Corporate Psychopaths: Organisational Destroyers.
If you come along you will have the chance to meet individuals on the Capital & Class Editorial Board and a wide range of other researchers and activists.
This will be the first of many workshops run by the CSE South Group. These events will encourage networking across activists, trade unionists, newer researchers and the established cadre who can learn from one another, think together and act in solidarity toward a transformed world. 


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