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Call for Papers
Journal Pléyade
ISSN 0718-655x / Online ISSN 0719-3696
Nº 17 January-June, 2016
Special Edition on Biopolitics
Since Foucault’s initial work on “biopolitics”, the relation between life and politics has become of increasing significance in the contemporary debate in philosophy and in the social sciences. As an area of research and as a concept, biopolitics has received diverse and at times opposed applications in the works of Antonio Negri, Roberto Esposito, Giorgio Agamben, Nikolas Rose, among others. This year the journal Pléyade intends to dedicate a dossier on biopolitics with the aim of analyzing both the exploitation and administration of biological life as a form of power, and of proposing alternative conceptions of politics that allow biological life to escape or resist its domination. We are interested in receiving contributions that address both modalities of biopolitics from a variety of disciplinary points of view.

This dossier invites authors to make contributions in the different areas on biopolitics and biopower in the contemporary thought. Along these lines, the proposed themes could include:
- Debates in contemporary thought on life and politics
- New perspectives on Michel Foucault and biopolitics
- Italian Theory and biopolitics
- Biopolitics and neoliberalism
- Biopolitics and totalitarianism
- Origins of biopolitics in the history of philosophy
- Affirmative biopolitics
- Biopolitics and new materialism

Guest Editor:
Vanessa Lemm, Head of the School of Humanities and Languages, University of New
South Wales UNSW, Australia.
Reception until: December 30, 2015
Languages: English or Spanish
Publication date: June 2016
Send articles to:
Manuscripts will be evaluated by double blind refereeing

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