Sunday, March 23, 2014

Critique Today

Call for Papers
Editors: Frank Ruda & Agon Hamza

The International journal of political philosophy, Crisis and Critique, announces a call for papers for its second issue, which will be devoted to the notion of critique today.
To criticize, in the original Greek meaning (krinein), is the act of drawing a line of demarcation. Such a critical act introduced with the same move a hierarchy between the two sides of this very line. Thus, to criticize meant to decide for and to give preference to one of two sides of a choice that was constituted by the very act of criticism. To criticize thus also implied the very emphasize of a choice that would not have existed without the critique.
In 1858 Karl Marx wrote to Lasalle that his Capital is “at once an exposé [Darstellung] and, by the same token, a critique of the system.” Today it is a widely shared contention that a concept of critique through presentation and Darstellung, any critique of political economy has to be either renewed such that it is still apt to perform its peculiar criticism of the contemporary world or that it has to be revamped such that its unhindered actuality comes to the fore.
These two takes on the notion of critique – and there are many possible others – provide sufficient ground to raise a banal but obvious question: where does one stand today with regard to critique? The second issue of Crisis and Critique seeks to address this question with regard to philosophy and political practice, contemporary critical analysis of capitalism and its structural effects.

In this issue, we want to address questions such as:
–      critique as a negative activity: a negative determination of certain activities, practices, orientation in thinking
–      critique as an overcoming of the limits of the possibilities imposed by contemporary forms of capitalism
–      critique of ideology versus discourse analysis
–      renewals of critique and critiques of critique
–      the return to Marx via return to the critique of political economy
Articles should be sent in English. The maximal length is 9000-10.000 words.
Submissions should be sent to:
The deadline for submission is May 30, 2014
ISSN 2311-5475


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