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Conservatism and Ideology

Call for Papers: ‘Conservatism and Ideology’

Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought
Volume 4: Issue 3: September 2014

Michael Oakshott described conservatism as a non-ideological preference for the familiar, tried, actual, limited, near, sufficient, convenient and present. Historically, conservatives have been associated with attempts to sustain social harmony between classes and groups within an organic, hierarchical order grounded in collective history and cultural values. Yet, in recent decades, conservatism throughout the English-speaking world has been associated with radical social and economic policy, often championing free-market models which substitute the free movement of labour and forms of competition and social mobility for organic hierarchy and noblesse oblige. The radical changes associated with such policies call into question the extent to which contemporary conservatism is conservative, rather than ideological.

This issue of Global Discourse seeks to explore contemporary conservative political thought with regard to topics such as the following:
-          ‘One Nation’ politics and Big Society,
-          sovereignty, multiculturalism and international blocs
-          paternalism and negative liberty with regard to narcotics, pornography and education
-          regional and international development
-          public faith, establishment and religious diversity

The issue will include a review symposium with Richard Hayton, who will respond to reviews of ‘Reconstructing Conservatism? The Conservative party in opposition, 1997–2010’.

Submission deadlines
Abstracts: October 1st 2013
Full articles of around 8,000 words (solicited on the basis of review of abstracts): March 1st 2014
Publication: September 2014 – all articles will appear as online firsts as soon as they are accepted and processed
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Journal Aims and Scope
Global Discourse is an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented journal of applied contemporary thought operating at the intersection of politics, international relations, sociology and social policy. The journal’s scope is broad, encouraging interrogation of current affairs with regard to core questions of distributive justice, wellbeing, cultural diversity, autonomy, sovereignty, security and recognition. Rejecting the notion that publication is the final stage in the research process, Global Discourse seeks to foster discussion and debate between often artificially isolated disciplines and paradigms, with responses to articles encouraged and conversations continued across issues. The journal features a mix of full-length articles, each accompanied by one or more replies, shorter essays, rapid replies, discussion pieces and book review symposia, typically consisting of three reviews and a reply by the author/s. With an international advisory editorial board consisting of experienced, highly-cited academics,Global Discourse welcomes submissions from and on any region. Authors are encouraged to explore the international dimensions and implications of their work. With a mix of themed and general issues, symposia are periodically deployed to examine topics as they emerge.


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