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Rouge Forum Dispatch: 20th January 2013


Dear Friends, The Dispatch is updated here:

Please remember: Rouge Forum 2013, Winning the Class Struggle Against Corporate Education Reform, May 16-19, 2013, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Rouge Forum 2013 Call for Proposals

The core issue of our time is the clash of the real promise for perpetual war and booming inequality met by the potential of connecting
reason to power with organized mass class conscious resistance in schools, on the job, in communities, and in the military….and what you
do counts!

The Rouge Forum brings together academic presentations and panel discussions, performances, community building, and cultural events. This conference will center on such questions as:
* Overall, what do we need to know and what do we need to do to win against corporate education reform in our classrooms?
* In what ways are our classrooms, schools, universities, unions, etc. occupied by capitalism, the military, racism, inequality?
* And what do these occupations demand from us pedagogically?
* What are the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve democratic education?
* What can we learn from Wisconsin 2011, the Occupy Movement, and the Chicago Teacher’s Strike to make us smarter and stronger in our struggle against corporate education reform?
* How do we educate to liberate ourselves from the impact of empire?
* How  do we push back against the imperializing of our classrooms and communities?
* How do we occupy our classrooms, schools universities, and unions and communities in an effort to create education that is in the public interests?

Calling on artists… Pop up radical art gallery would be for artists to submit 2-3 D pieces that they can bring with them to the conference to
display as part of an opening or Friday/Saturday night reception activity.

SUBMISSIONS: Papers, Panels, and Performances. Proposals for papers, panels, or performances should include title(s), no more than a 500 world description, and names and contact information for the presenter(s).
Email proposals to Greg Queen: by February 15, 2013

Good luck to our side,


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