Thursday, September 15, 2011

Journal of Transformative Education - Call for Papers


The central aim or scope of the journal reflects a keen interest in furthering, through scholarly analysis, inquiry, and dialogue, the fields of transformative learning and transformative education. This work can and does occur within a wide variety of educational contexts, including adult education, education for the professions, continuing education and professional development, higher education, community education, and the workplace, as well as more informal and non-formal settings for adult learning.

We would like to encourage submissions from either practitioners or researchers who are working from a transformative perspective in educational that relate to the aims and scope of the journal. We receive a fair number of submissions now from folks in in-service teacher education, and it would be
wonderful to have adult education more represented in the journal as well.

For more information on the journal I encourage you to peruse the journal's website at

For a specific call for papers, go to:

For Guidelines for Manuscript Submission, go to:


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‘Maximum levels of boredom
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