Friday, October 8, 2010

Alain Badiou Talks About the Communist Hypothesis


In conversation
Alain Badiou talks about
The Communist Hypothesis
18.30, Thursday 28 October 2010
Arthur & Paula Lucas Lecture Theatre (S-2.18), Strand Building
King’s College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

This event is free - but please let us know by emailing if you'd like to attend.

This event is hosted by the European Studies Programme at King's College London as part of the Arts & Humanities Week and in association with Verso Books.

Alain Badiou, Professor of Philosophy at the International Graduate School, is one of the most celebrated philosophers in the world. Among a vast output, his philosophical reputation rests especially on the two-volume work Being and the Event (1988) and Logics of Worlds (2006). The New Statesman has described him as ‘an heir to Jean-Paul Sartre and Louis Althusser’, seeking to continue both Althusser’s anti-humanism and Sartre’s preoccupation with subjectivity.
A veteran of May 1968 and a Maoist militant during the 1960s and 1970s, Badiou has emerged as one of France’s leading public intellectuals in recent years. His opposition to banning the burqa was followed by The Meaning of Sarkozy (2007). This polemic first advanced what he called the ‘Communist Hypothesis’, which reasserts the idea of an alternative to capitalism based on the universal principle of equality. These ideas are further developed in The Communist Hypothesis, recently published by Verso.


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It starts tomorrow,
When I go to work’
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